Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe.
Don't turn your back, don't look away, and DON'T BLINK.

The Doctor --
Elie Rotenberg

Elie Rotenberg

Entrepreneur, computer scientist, software architect, gamer.

General information

Current positions


  • Entrepreneurship

    Business models, HR, management, funding, growth hacking
  • Computer Science

    Graph theory, complex networks, metrology, advanced algorithmics
  • JavaScript Programming

    Node, React, engines (V8...), advanced optimization, real-time applications (websockets...)
  • Other programming languages

    C, Python, Erlang, OCaml
  • Software Architecture

    Advanced scaling, distributed applications, load-balancing (HAProxy), caching (Varnish), message queues (RabbitMQ), operational cryptography (TLS...)
  • Databases

    SQL (PostgreSQL, MariaDB), K/V stores (ElasticSearch, redis)
  • Digital publishing

    Business models, management, sales
  • Gaming, eSports

    Business models, team management, tournament management, broadcasting
    Former guild-master and raid-leader of a world-famous World of Warcraft guild



Peer-review research publications


  • Brutal and sustained workload capacity when doing interesting things
  • Autonomous, adaptative, innovative
  • Strong background in Science (mathematics, biology, chemistry), History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology and Psychiatry, Economics
  • Partially active gamer (League of Legends, Hearthstone, Skyrim...) - not as much as is used to be, though...
  • Reading hobbyist (like every french "reading hobbyist", I like among others Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Marcel Proust, Romain Gary, but also slightly more geeky authors such as Robert Silverberg, Dan Simmons, Isaac Asimov...)
  • Cinema and TV series hobbyist (my favorite shows include Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Wire, Person of Interest...)
  • Unused car driving license
  • Partially active foil fencing hobbyist (10 years of foil fencing supervised by Maître Olivier Bonin, COPC, Paris)
  • Opinionated Pink Floyd fan
  • I like titles very much. I like to be called Lord Doctor Elie Rotenberg of Glencoe, PhD, CTO, CSO, EVP, and I just can't wait to be king, wear a crown and a scepter
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