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The Doctor
Elie Rotenberg

Elie Rotenberg
Computer scientist, software architect, gamer.

General information

09-04-1988 (September 4, 1988), Paris, France
Primary mail
Secondary mail
Elie Rotenberg
Elie Rotenberg
Native language
Other languages
English (fluent, technical)
Academic degree
PhD in Computer Science, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Topics of interest
Complex networks, real-time, web applications, functional programming

Current positions

Webedia Gaming
Director of R&D, software architect, member of the board
Co-founder, CTO, member of the board
  • PhD in Computer science, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Ancien élève de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Technical skills

Computer Science

Graph theory, complex networks, metrology
Algorithmics, operating systems, general CS, compilation, functional programming, concurrency
Optimization, stochastics, machine learning


I know many languages, from very low level (some assembly languages, C) to very high level (JavaScript, OCaml). I am a very fast learner, especially when learning new dialects of paradigms I already have a working knowledge of (eg. functional, object-oriented, SQL, actor-based...).

I strongly believe in picking the right tool for the job, although the platform (compiler, VM, runtime...) is often as much important as the language itself.

Lately I've been coding nearly only in JavaScript, on the server as well on the client. I'm an ES6 and React enthusiast.


Web development
Extensive knowledge of the entire stack, both theoretical and operational.
Internet TV
Architect of one of the world-pioneer Gaming WebTV.
Web entrepreneurship
Co-founder of website, an entirely free, self-sufficient and profitable content-driven website on gaming.
Internet topology
Main topic of my PhD thesis.
Gaming and eSports
Strategy director of website, and member of the board of Webedia Gaming, editor of Former guild master and raid leader of a high-end competitive guild in World of Warcraft.



Co-founder, CTO, strategy directory of, #1 french gaming website dedicated to gaming and eSports.


Teacher and interrogator, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Advanced C Programming, Client/Server Architectures, Computer Science for Maths, Algorithmics, Functional Programming, Advanced Networking).

PhD Student at Complex Networks team of LIP6, Univeristé Pierre et Marie Curie, supervised by Matthieu Latapy (LIP6) and Christophe Crespelle (LIP).

20102010 Networks models in social sciences, 3-month research internship supervised by Tommaso Venturini and Paul Girard, Medialab Sciences-Po, IEP Paris.
20102010 Diffusion in online communities and the blogosphere, 3-month research internship supervised by Jean-Philippe Cointet, ISC Paris.
20092009 Emergence of cooperation in the bacteria evolution, 3-month research internship supervised by François Taddei and Dusan Misevìc, CRI Paris.
20092009 Measuring the IP-level topology of the Internet, 6-month research supervised by Matthieu Latapy and Christophe Crespelle, LIP6/Complex Networks.
20082008 Simulated virus evolution, 2-month research internship supervised by Guillaume Beslon, LIRIS/INSA Lyon.


20102014Doctorate in Computer Science at EDITE de Paris, UPMC/LIP6/Complex Networks, ENS de Lyon.
20092010Interdisciplinary Approach of Life and the Web (AIV/AIW) Master Program.
20082009Reasearch in Computer Science Master Program (MPRI) of Paris, ENS de Cachan. Ranked #2 with high honours.
20072008BSc in Computer Science, ENS de Lyon.
20052007Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles (CPGE MPSI/MP*), Maths, Physics and Computer Science, Lycée Charlemagne. Admitted in Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon.
20022005Graduation in Science, Lycée Louis-le-Grand, with honors.
20022005Member of the International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI) training squad France IOI supervised by Mathias Hiron and Arthur Charguéraud.

Peer-reviewed research publications


  • Brutal and sustained workload capacity when doing interesting things.
  • Independant, adaptative, innovative.
  • Strong background in Science (mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry), History, Philosophy, and Economics.
  • Active gamer (League of Legends among many).
  • Reading hobbyist (my favourithe authors include Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Marcel Proust, Gustave Flaubert, Emmanuel Kant, Romain Gary, Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, Dan Simmons).
  • Cinema and TV series hobbyist (my favourite shows include Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Wire, Person of Intereset).
  • Car driving license (unused for a few years).
  • Former fencing practicioner (9 years of foil fencing supervised by Maître Olivier Bonin, CISP).
  • Ridiculously opinionated Pink Floyd fan.
  • I like titles. I call myself Lord Doctor Elie Rotenberg of Glencoe, PhD, CTO, CSO, EVP and I should probably get myself cool business cards and a crown and a scepter.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

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