Elie Rotenberg

Elie Rotenberg

Entrepreneur, computer scientist, lifelong learner

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    French, English
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    PhD in Computer Science
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    Education, Science and Technology, Complex Systems, Systems Architecture, History, Gaming

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  • Founder, head of R&D
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2019 - now

Co-founder of iféa

Co-founder of iféa, in charge of technology and research partnerships

work, education, research

2017 - 2018

Head of R&D team at Webedia

Technical lead on cross-branch systems


2014 - 2017

CTO of Webedia Gaming / Jeuxvideo.com

Co-creator of the gaming branch of Webedia, technical director of jeuxvideo.com (#1 video games website in Europe)


2010 - 2014

PhD Student and Teaching Assistant

PhD in the field of complex networks applied to Internet topology, supervised by Christophe Crespelle and Matthieu Latapy at LIP6/Complex Networks

education, research, work


Reasearch Internship in Computational Sociology

3-month internship on network models in social sciences, supervised by Tommaso Venturini and Paul Girard at médialab Sciences Po

education, research


Research Internship in Computational Sociology

3-month internship on diffusion in online communities and the blogosphere Jean-Philippe Cointet at Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris

education, research


Research Internship in Bio-informatics

3-month internship on the emergence of cooperation in bacteria evolution, supervised by François Taddei and Dusan Misevic at Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire

education, research

2009 - 2010

Master in Interdisciplinary Science

Interdisciplinary Approach of Life and the Web (AIV / AIW) Master Program (now AIRE) at Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire

education, research

2008 - 2013

Co-founder and CTO of Millenium

Technical and strategy director at Millenium, the company behind millenium.org, the #1 core-gaming website in France. Supervision of website development, creation of the first WebTVs, continuous improvement of the business model, up to acquisition by Webedia.



Research Internship in Complex Networks

6-month internship on Internet IP-level topology measurement supervised by Christophe Crespelle and Matthieu Latapy at LIP6/Complex Networks

education, research

2008 - 2009

Master in Computer Science

Master Program for Research in Computer Science of Paris (MPRI) at Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan, with high honors. Specialization in Graph Theory, Complex Systems, and Bio-informatics

education, research


Research Internship in Bio-informatics

2-month internship on simulated virus evolution, supervised by Guillaume Beslon, LIRIS/INSA Lyon

education, research

2007 - 2008

Bsc in Computer Science


2005 - 2007


Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles (CPGE), specialization in Maths, Computer Science and Physics at Lycée Charlemagne, Paris. Admitted at Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon


2002 - 2005

Graduation in Science

Maths specialization, with honors at Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Paris


2002 - 2005

International Olympiads of Informatics trainee

Member of the International Olympieds of Informatics training squad supervised by Mathias Hiron and Arthur Charguéraud


Peer-reviewed scientific publications